Meet the 2020 North Shore Young Citizens’ Forum Cohort

Three participants stand together

Meet the members of this year’s North Shore Young Citizens’ Forum, our platform for learning about and influencing North Shore municipal governments.

Forum Cohort Bios.Nov2020

About the NSYCF

The North Shore Young Citizens’ Forum is an initiative of North Shore Community Resources’ Democracy Café in collaboration with CityHive. This year involved virtual meetings and discussions to accommodate physical distancing.

The project is designed to address the lack of participation in and influence of younger people in North Shore municipalities’ community overall engagement processes and Council meetings. Though local governments have jurisdiction and decision making responsibility for a broad variety of government services, land use and taxes, younger citizens are often missing from the conversation. As a result, decisions and policies may not always reflect younger citizens’ needs, interests and preferences.

To address this gap, we have convened a diverse group of 30 young adults aged 19-39 who live, work and study on the North Shore to learn about municipal government. Please see the Forum’s biographies for more information about the participants.