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Successful democracies depend on engaged citizens. Democracy Café helps you to get informed and participate!

North Shore Democracy Café is a non-partisan program that encourages residents and citizens to more actively participate in civic life while encouraging governments to better facilitate citizen participation in decision making. Democracy Café organizes educational workshops, voter engagement campaigns and community forums like the North Shore Young Civic Forum. NSCR’s Democracy Café program also is the driving force behind the We Vote North Shore initiative that is a multi-organizational effort to engage North Shore voters during elections.

Successful democracies depend on engaged citizens. Get informed and get involved!

Working as a Voter Outreach Ambassador made me realize the importance of community engagement on a one-on-one basis – regardless of political opinion, it is important to participate in the political process.

Democracy Café Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

What Democracy Café activities are available to me?

Democracy Café offers different programs throughout the year. During elections, we work to encourage citizens’ to get informed, vote and encourage others to vote. See updates below for more current information.

What is the North Shore Young Civic Forum and who can participate?

The Forum works to educate younger adults on local government, provides projects for the participants to work on local issues and opportunities to meet and work with local municipal staff and councillors. The Forum is open to individuals aged 18-39 who live, work or study on the North Shore. Click here, contact us or check the updates below for more information.

What is We Vote North Shore?

We Vote North Shore is a group of North Shore organizations that believe in citizen engagement including the importance of voting in democratic elections. We work together to encourage non-partisan voter education and participation including distributing non-partisan voting information to the public. For more information, visit the We Vote North Shore website here.


For more information about North Shore Democracy Café, contact:

Murray Mollard, Executive Director
Direct Line: 604-982-3305

Updates and Resources

For more information about the North Shore Young Civic Forum, click here.

For more information about We Vote North Shore, click here.

Thank You

Democracy Café is made possible by ongoing grants from the City of North Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia and funding from the West Vancouver Foundation, Darwin, Vancity and by charitable donors like you. Thank you.