Information North Shore


Information is power. Information North Shore helps you to navigate services and programs to meet your needs.

NSCR’s Information North Shore program is staffed by people who take time to understand your needs and who have the community knowledge to help you to find services and programs that are appropriate for you.

Our Seniors One Stop (SOS) phone line is an important service for seniors, their families and others for assistance to navigate services and resources available in the community. Information North Shore also operates the Inter Agency Network which is a network of individuals and agencies on the North Shore who share information to better serve the public.

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Information North Shore Client

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Information North Shore assistance?

You can call, email, or visit us in person to get information to help you navigate services and programs that meet your needs.

Am I able to receive assistance in a language other than English?

We encourage people to request information in English but we do have some limited capacity to assist people in Farsi at this time.

I am concerned about my mother’s health declining. What resources are there on the North Shore to assist us?

Call our Seniors One Stop (SOS) line to consult with our team on resources available.


To access our Information North Shore service, contact one of our Community Information Assistants:

Direct Line: 604-985-7138

Seniors One Stop Direct Line: 604-982-3302

Kathy Jarvis, Coordinator, Seniors One Stop
Direct Line: 604-982-3312

If you are a service provider or organization and would like more information about the Inter Agency Network, contact:

Sue Carabetta, Manager, Seniors Programs and Community Engagement
Direct Line: 604-982-3317

Thank You

Information North Shore is made possible by a community gaming grant from the Province of British Columbia and charitable donors like you. Thank you.