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InterGenNS helps connect different generations on the North Shore while providing resources to help community partners establish intergenerational programming.

The InterGenNS project is supported by a steering committee and community group, both made up of active community members, as well as the SFU Graduate Research Team. 

Connecting people of different ages has been shown to have a considerably positive effect on well-being, by actively reducing ageism and social isolation. InterGenNS is developing a Program Directory to help you connect with people across multiple generations, while also developing a Resource Hub that will help organisations and community groups develop and sustain more inter-generational initiatives throughout the North Shore. These projects have been launched in order to actively facilitate a North Shore community that is connected, inclusive, and age-friendly.

Details of the InterGenNS Project has been explored through multiple media sources. Click here to find out more.

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The prospect of having an online intergenerational resource hub is very exciting! Not only to get ideas for new initiatives, but also to learn how to better structure these initiatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘intergenerational initiatives’?

Programs, opportunities, events, or gathering places that, purposefully or organically, facilitates interaction between/among generations – thinking beyond age to include people with varying abilities, newcomers, and diverse community members. These initiatives have been found to prevent social isolation and loneliness, help bridge generational divides by fostering mutual learning, and positively impact well-being and quality of life.

Does InterGenNS create its own intergenerational initiatives?

InterGenNS does not create its own intergenerational intiatives. The purpose of InterGenNS is to help people find initiatives in the community that would connect people across generations, to help organisations on the North Shore create, implement, and sustain new intergenerational initiatives, as well as to promote the importance of intergenerational initiatives throughout the North Shore.

How do I add an intergenerational initiative that I’m involved in to the InterGenNS Program Directory?

You can add an intergenerational initiative that you are a representative to the InterGenNS Program Directory by filling out the InterGenNS Program Directory Intake Form.


If you have further questions or would like to contribute to InterGenNS, contact:

Sue Carabetta, Manager, Seniors Programs and Community Engagement
Direct Line: 604-982-3317
Email: [email protected]

Rachelle Patille, SFU Graduate Research Student
Cell: +1 (647) 231-5221
Email: [email protected]


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Thank You

InterGenNS is made possible by grants from Simon Fraser University, Mitacs, the West Vancouver Foundation, and by charitable donors like you. Thank you.