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Program Directory

InterGenNS Program Directory

This program directory showcases a wide variety of community initiatives that help connect people on the North Shore across generations and backgrounds.

Planning and Developing Intergenerational Initiatives

Connecting Generations Toolkit 

This toolkit contains practical information and resources to support educators, care providers, community groups and agencies in coordinating successful intergenerational initiatives to engage children, youth and seniors.

Creating Caring Communities 

This guide is designed to refer you to resources, websites, and associations with relevant information and resources to support your intergenerational initiatives.

Intergenerational Activities Resource Kit (BC Association of Community Response Networks)

This guide provides a starting point for generating intergenerational project ideas for, suggestions on age-appropriate activities, a suggested approach to conducting intergenerational workshops, resources where you can find more information, and short stories – called Reflection Points – to illustrate intergenerational theory and concepts as well as to generate further discussion and thinking.

Intergenerational Community Guide (BC Association of Community Response Networks) 

This guide is intended to provide background information on the nature of intergenerational relationship building, including intergenerational theory, intergenerational activity ideas, and processes for incorporating intergenerational activities into your organisation’s plans.

Intergenerational Workshop (BC Association of Community Response Networks) 

This presentation is meant to help you understand what it means to be intergenerational, provide an overview of how to get started, and refer you to helpful resources.

Intergenerational Programming Toolkit 

This toolkit, and accompanying resource guide, was designed by the City of Edmonton to assist organisations in the planning and implementation of intergenerational programs. 

Intergenerational Program Planner 

This short two-page document can help you plan and strategize your intergenerational programming.

Intergenerational Learning Program Operational Guidelines Toolkit

The purpose of this resource is to provide a practical, step-by-step guide to the three-stage process of developing, implementing and evaluating an intergenerational learning program, with templates provided to support each stage of the process.

Connecting Generations in Senior Housing 

This toolkit was designed specifically to help senior housing organisations plan and implement high-quality intergenerational programs that will benefit residents and young people in their communities.

A Toolkit for Developing and Enhancing Intergenerational Shared Sites – Sharing Our Space

This toolkit includes effective practices, challenges, tips, examples, and concrete tools that will help you in your planning and implementation efforts of creating intentionally designed places that provide services/programs to multiple generations concurrently and foster meaningful cross-age relationships.

Intergenerational Community Building Resource Guide 

This guide is designed for community leaders, organizations, funders and intermediaries who are interested in using an intergenerational approach to community building efforts – taking limited budgets into consideration.

A Guide to Bringing Long-Term Care Residents and Young People Together 

This is a practical guide designed to help long-term care facilities form partnerships with schools and youth organizations to create impactful intergenerational programs. 

Intergenerational Care in Early Years 

This resource explains the benefits of connecting young children and seniors with helpful tips on how to get started.

How to Connect Generations Through the Arts

This short two-page document provides ideas for intergenerational art activities.

Intergenerational Program Guidelines

Intergenerational Program Guidelines – Questions to get you started

Intergenerational Program Guidelines – Overview of Volunteer Grandparents

These three documents are short and easy to read guides to get you started on running your own Intergenerational program! They are designed by Rachelle Patille as part of her Masters of Gerontology at SFU and based on her research with Volunteer Grandparents.


Intergenerational Training Resources

Training Resources (Generations Working Together)

This website provides a range of training courses for those who are completely new to intergenerational work and are looking for a basic introduction, as well as opportunities for people who are already planning intergenerational projects and want to learn more about the theory behind intergenerational approaches.

Training Opportunities with LINKages

This website provides a variety of in-person and virtual training programs for intergenerational planning and programming.

Planning Intergenerational Program Training

This is a 4-part virtual series from June 14 – August 16, 2022 that will help you start, implement, and evaluate an intergenerational program in your community.

Upcoming Training with BC Council for Families

The BC Council for Families is a BC registered non-profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to serve professionals, support families and strengthen communities. The BCCF team of family services and training experts offer training programs and workshops to support family service professionals and organizations across the province. Click on the links below for their upcoming workshops:

Implementing and Evaluating: Intergenerational Program Development

Thursday, May 23, 2024
9AM – 2:30PM

Online via Zoom

Register Here

If you know the basics of how to develop an Intergenerational (IG) program in your community and now you need to know how to go about actually making it happen, this workshop is for you. In this day-long training, you will learn how to create plans, recruit participants and implement and evaluate your own Intergenerational program.

If IG is a new concept and path forward in your agency, taking Introduction to Intergenerational Programming is recommended first.

About the Facilitator 

Betty Good has over 30 years experience as an educator both in Canada and internationally. This wealth of experience has prepared her to work well with both youth and seniors. For more than seven years with LINKages Society of Alberta she has managed IG programs and trained others how to start their own. Her many intergenerational friendships have shown her the benefits to both seniors and youth of having friendships with people from other generations.




Evaluating Intergenerational Initiatives

The Intergenerational Evaluation Toolkit 

This toolkit is designed to help organisations assess and evaluate intergenerational programs that connect young people (ages 24 and below) and older adults (usually over the age of 50).

Intergenerational Programmes Evaluation

This book provides useful information on the methods and techniques for evaluating intergenerational programs.

Information on Intergenerational Initiatives

Fact Sheet: Intergenerational Programs Benefit Everyone

This short report showcases how intergenerational programs can benefit all people in society.

Book on Intergenerational Contact Zones

This is a book that covers a wide variety of place-based strategies for promoting social inclusion and belonging through intergenerational connections.

Book on Intergenerational Learning in Practice: Together Old and Young

This book provides a comprehensive background to intergenerational learning, along with tools and resources to help develop and improve your own intergenerational practice.

An Intergenerational Equity Framework

The purpose of this resource is to provide ideas and tools for implementing equitable intergenerational initiatives into community programs, addressing themes such as intergenerational learning, structural racism, and collective leadership.

A Webinar on Cultural Responsiveness in Intergenerational Programs

A webinar hosted by Generations United on the importance of organizations bringing younger and older people together from diverse communities and recommendations for designing programs that reflect different cultural norms and values.