North Shore Community Housing Action Committee (CHAC)


Affordable, accessible housing is key to ensuring a diverse and inclusive community on the North Shore.

Our North Shore Community Housing Action Committee (CHAC) is an independent, non-partisan group of volunteers and experts who educate, undertake research and advocate to increase affordable housing options and policies in the community. We meet regularly with elected officials and their staff at all levels of government, developers, other affordable housing advocates and interested members of the public to learn about and advocate for affordable and accessible housing.

Housing has emerged as one of the most pressing community planning issues on the North Shore. We greatly appreciate Community Housing Action Committee’s commitment to this issue and your ability to bring together different community members to work together to address it.

CHAC Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more about CHAC and its work?

Please contact us. To learn about CHAC’s Terms of Reference click here.

Do you assist individuals to find affordable housing?

We provide an inventory of affordable housing providers on the North Shore as well as a list of current rental vacancies. Click here to view CHAC’s Affordable Housing Inventory.

How closely do you work with developers?

We frequently work with developers to advocate for more affordable housing in their projects.

How is CHAC funded?

CHAC is funded through grants from municipalities and charitable donations. CHAC does not accept donations from property development companies to fund our work.


Don Peters, Chair, North Shore Community Housing Action Committee
Direct Line: 604-982-3309
Email: [email protected]

Updates and Resources

To find out more about CHAC’s work and governance in our Terms of Reference, click here.

To read our 2017 Report on Empty Homes, click here.

Thank You

Funding for CHAC is made possible by the District of North Vancouver, the City of North Vancouver, the District of West Vancouver and donors like you.