Extreme Heat Resources for North Shore Residents

purple blue orange bold climate change poster (1080 × 1080 px)

DIY Cool Kit Resource: Cool kit: Build your own instructions (vancouver.ca)

Farsi Poster: Stay Safe in the Summer Heat Poster – Farsi (vancouver.ca)

Information About Fans: Fans_in_Extreme_Heat_FAQ.pdf (fraserhealth.ca)

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion Poster: VCH extreme-heat-poster May 2022.pdf (nsem.ca)

Cooling Station Map: North Shore Cooling Places.jpg (3334×2223) (nsem.ca) – please note John Braithwaite does not have a pool. To access most up to date cooling station information please go to Free keep cool resources – Google My Maps or to the City of North Vancouver extreme heat website section https://www.cnv.org/home-property/emergency-preparedness/extreme-heat.

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