District of West Vancouver

Website: westvancouver.ca
Email: info@westvancouver.ca
Phone: 604-925-7000
Address: 750 17th Street, West Vancouver

Feed the Need

Who: Youth and seniors


  • An intergenerational market where members of the community can come and shop
  • Youth work together with seniors to prepare and sell baked goods, Christmas ornaments, etc. in an intergenerational market
  • Funds raised provide meals to seniors who live in low-income or subsidized housing

When: December 1st

Registration: Contact the District of West Vancouver by phone or email

The District of West Vancouver offers a variety of opportunities for the public to connect across generations (e.g. intergenerational book club, online classes for seniors led by youth, etc.). To get involved, visit their website or contact them by phone or email!