Participating in the North Shore Young Civic Forum

Participating in the North Shore Young Civic Forum

Interested in making a difference in your local community? Curious about how local government works? Wondering how younger adults can collectively amplify their voices so municipal councils act on your needs? Are you aged 18-39 and work, live or study on the North Shore?

If your answer is Yes to these questions, the North Shore Young Civic Forum is for you!  NSCR’s Democracy Café program is once again hosting the North Shore Young Civic Forum (a.k.a The Forum) in early 2024.

The Forum is a platform for participants to meet other younger adults interested in learning about local government and how to better influence them to include your views in their decisions.

Please check back for updates in the Fall of 2023 on the application process and deadline for the next Forum.


The Forum

Young adults all over the North Shore share a variety of integral roles in their communities. They are essential workers, teachers, and young professionals. They are students devoting their time to their education to help improve all of our futures. They are parents to young children, hidden pillars of support for intergenerational or unique families, and so much more. They are essential for our communities, and their voices and concerns need to be heard and considered in our decision-making processes.

The Forum helps participants to develop their capacity and skills to more actively participate in local civic affairs and improve their overall influence in local decision-making processes. The Forum includes a learning phase with presentations and conversations with elected officials, city planners, and community organizers to help participants understand how their municipalities operate and how they can make changes within them. The cohort then collaborates to develop small-group projects to spark some of the changes that they would like to see on the North Shore, which they then present to their municipal council.

The Forum is for everyone regardless of background and inclusive of all identities. No prior knowledge or experience in this field is necessary to apply. The program is completely free to participants, with financial and other supports available to those in need.



Murray Mollard, Executive Director
Direct Line: 604-982-3305


The Forum is possible with the ongoing support of our sponsors: